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European Union expands national autonomy

Due to globalization and digitalization, countries have lost power relative to international markets and companies. The European Union provides a necessary countervailing power to this. This leads to the apparent… Read More

Beyond GDP

Why is GDP widely used as indicator, knowing its limitations, while better indicators for social progress are available? The limits of GDP as indicator for well-being in a society are… Read More

Green transition FFWD

We humans are part of the wider living nature on earth. We cannot survive without other organisms. We need clean air, water and fertile soils. At the same time, we… Read More

Tax shift from labour to energy

Employing people is too expensive and polluting the environment too cheap. A green tax shift is needed and is most effective when applied at the production side of the economy.… Read More

Let’s talk about power

Power plays an important role in our lives and society. However, we mostly pretend that our organizations and relationships are governed by common sense and democracy. But hierarchical position often… Read More

Oil Security Europe

Europe imports 88% of the oil it uses, mainly from rather unstable regions. This paper gives an overview of the security and economic risks associated with our oil dependency. Large… Read More

The Power of Images

In 2011 I presented my preliminary insights into the gap between facts and images during an OECD seminar. My case was the development of transport policy, as I have been… Read More

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