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Accessibility inequality

'Transport poverty' is a new buzzword. I recommend no longer using this. There is certainly poverty in the Netherlands, because we have food banks and thirty-two thousand 'registered' homeless people,… Read More

No growth in truck kilometres

Logistics cause 11% to 12% of global CO2 emissions. Road transport accounts for around two thirds of this. Even with the fastest possible switch to electric trucks, the logistics industry is not on track to… Read More

The Future of Mobility

Which forces lie behind the development of our mobility in the past centuries and will most likely shape the future as well? The desire for speed is important, and so… Read More

End of car growth?

Official projections from the Dutch government for the growth in car traffic are too high. The government recognized that car mobility grew slower than expected. Therefore, they almost halved the… Read More

The transport-urbanisation dialectic

Why is it so hard to make people shift from car and plane to public transport? An important explanation is the strong link between mobility and spatial structure. Mobility behaviour… Read More


Aviation needs to reduce its CO2 emissions to zero not far beyond 2050. Making people take the train instead of the plane is one of the options. I assessed the… Read More

Five taboos about mobility

Five topics are kept off the table in the debate about mobility policy. Taboos are very effective in influencing policies. Relevant topics are kept out of publicity and off the… Read More

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