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New Economy

Our economy needs a new direction with a focus on what really matters for people. It looks as if the economy has become a goal in itself, instead of a means to achieve human and social values. The one-sided strive for GDP growth, in line with business interests, distorts our socio-economic policies. Recalling a quote from Thomas Jefferson (1809): “The care of human life and happiness … is the only legitimate object of good government.” Quite some recent research increases our understanding of how the rules of the global and national economies need to be rewritten for a fair and sustainable future. My blogs, papers and presentations on the search for a new economic direction are thusfar mainly in Dutch.


European Union expands national autonomy

Due to globalization and digitalization, countries have lost power relative to international markets and companies. The European Union provides a necessary countervailing power to this. This leads to the apparent… Read More

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