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New Economy

Our economy needs a new direction with a focus on what really matters for people. It looks as if the economy has become a goal in itself, instead of a means to achieve human and social values. The one-sided strive for GDP growth, in line with business interests, distorts our socio-economic policies. Recalling a quote from Thomas Jefferson (1809): “The care of human life and happiness … is the only legitimate object of good government.” Quite some recent research increases our understanding of how the rules of the global and national economies need to be rewritten for a fair and sustainable future. My blogs, papers and presentations on the search for a new economic direction are thusfar mainly in Dutch.


Reduce social security contributions for schools, care and police

Employing people is too expensive and polluting the environment too cheap. A green tax shift is needed and is most effective when applied at the production side of the economy.… Read More

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