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The Future of Mobility

Which forces lie behind the development of our mobility in the past centuries and will most likely shape the future as well? The desire for speed is important, and so… Read More

The transport-urbanisation dialectic

Why is it so hard to make people shift from car and plane to public transport? An important explanation is the strong link between mobility and spatial structure. Mobility behaviour… Read More

Five taboos about mobility

Five topics are kept off the table in the debate about mobility policy. Taboos are very effective in influencing policies. Relevant topics are kept out of publicity and off the… Read More

Road pricing

The International Transport Forum organized a Round Table, in which I participated as one of the experts. International best practices and new scientific insights have been combined to identify ways… Read More

Speed drives mobility

Speed determines the long term mobility developments; both how far we travel and which mode we choose. The car is door-to-door mostly faster than public transport and this explains the… Read More

Book ‘New Mobility’

My book ´New Mobility – Beyond the car era’ has been published in 2017. The coming decades will show surprising changes in our mobility. These result from the driving forces… Read More

Sustainable Accessibility of the Randstad

Spatial concentration in cities and towns increases both the accessibility and the sustainability. This is the core conclusion of the six year academic research programm Sustainable Accessibility of the Randstad… Read More

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