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Let’s talk about power

Power plays an important role in our lives and society. However, we mostly pretend that our organizations and relationships are governed by common sense and democracy. But hierarchical position often… Read More

Book ‘New Mobility’

My book ´New Mobility – Beyond the car era’ has been published in 2017. The coming decades will show surprising changes in our mobility. These result from the driving forces… Read More

Wishful thinking in transport policy

In an essay for the international conference 'Keep Moving' (2012), I sketch lessons from 30 years sustainable mobility policy: what does and what doesn't work. European environmental standards and car… Read More

Sustainable Accessibility of the Randstad

Spatial concentration in cities and towns increases both the accessibility and the sustainability. This is the core conclusion of the six year academic research programm Sustainable Accessibility of the Randstad… Read More

Wishful Thinking in Transport Policy

In this essay I draw the lessons of 40 years of sustainable transport policy. This was my contribution to the international conference 'Keep Moving, Towards Sustainable Mobility' in 2012. What… Read More

Climate Change: Solution in Sight

Is it necessary to drastically reduce the amount of greenhouse gases into the global atmosphere and is it possible to achieve this? The answer on both questions was already in… Read More

A European aviation charge

In my book ‘New Mobility – Beyond the car era’ I predict that people in Western-Europe will in 2015 fly on average more kilometres than they travel by car. The… Read More

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