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Wishful Thinking in Transport Policy

In this essay I draw the lessons of 40 years of sustainable transport policy. This was my contribution to the international conference 'Keep Moving, Towards Sustainable Mobility' in 2012. What… Read More

The Attractiveness of Car Use

In this chapter of the book ‘Cars and Carbon’, I analyse the attractiveness of the car. Most important is its high speed from door-to-door. Because of this advantage, attempts to… Read More

A European aviation charge

In my book ‘New Mobility – Beyond the car era’ I predict that people in Western-Europe will in 2015 fly on average more kilometres than they travel by car. The… Read More

The Power of Images

In 2011 I presented my preliminary insights into the gap between facts and images during an OECD seminar. My case was the development of transport policy, as I have been… Read More

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