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The Social Impacts of Road Pricing

The International Transport Forum organized a Round Table organized a Round Table, in which I participated as an expert. International best practices and new scientific insights have been combined to identify… Read More

End of growth in car travel?

Why has the growth in car travel stopped in Western Europe? Read my contribution to the Automotive Megatrends Magazine 2017 Q2. Speed - it's what drives mobility

The Future of Mobility

Which forces lie behind the development of our mobility in the past centuries and will most likely shape the future as well? The desire for speed is important, and so… Read More

New Mobility

My book ´New Mobility – Beyond the car era’ has been published recently. The coming decades will show surprising changes in our mobility. These result from the driving forces behind… Read More

Oil Security Europe

Europe imports 88% of the oil it uses, mainly from rather unstable regions. This paper gives an overview of the security and economic risks associated with our oil dependency. Large… Read More

New transport technologies?

What are the driving forces behind the growth of passenger and freight transport? What projections for the coming decades are in line with these? Which breaktroughs in transport technology are… Read More

70% less CO2 from transport

A European Task Force set up by the Centre for European Policy Studies developed pathways and policies to achieve a tremendous reduction in transport greenhouse gases by 2050. This Task… Read More

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