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Electric trucks are in 2030 cheaper to use than ones on diesel (TCO). The cost advantage is twenty percent for a truck trailer combination driving 400 kilometers a day. Including practical limitations, mainly range, already 99% of new trucks can be electric in 2030. Now – 2022 – the potential for electric trucks is 20% of total sales. These positive conclusions from a recent study by TNO, do not imply, however, that electrification of road freight will advance fast.

European standards are essential to get electric trucks on the roads as fast as possible. T&E proposes standards that result in 7% electric sales in 2025, 21% in 2027, 60% in 2030 and from 2035 100%. These standards provide the certainty truck manufacturers need for their large investments in factories.

Even with the progressive standards proposed by T&E, in 2050 still 13% of European trucks will run on diesel. Even 20% of the total carbon budget from now till 2050 will be used by road freight. This share of the pie is too large. Therefore, more efficient logistics is needed in addition to electric trucks.

20 October 2022

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