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Mobiliteit en Stad
Mobiliteit en Stad


Welcome to my website. The site keeps you informed about my work in English. My book ‘New Mobility – Beyond the car era’ has been published March 2017. Slides are posted of my lectures on the driving forces behind mobility and how the future of mobility might look like. You can find my study on Europe’s oil dependency, as well as some older publications that might still be of interest. My work focusses on structural developments in mobility, urbanization, infrastructure, energy, climate change and economy. I am intrigued by the power relations that shape our societies, unseen to a large extend, and how we can rewrite the rules which steer our economies.

Recent publications

Renewal of aging infrastructures

Many countries face aging bridges, tunnels, sluices, quays and other structures. The costs for renovations and replacements of this vital infrastructure, will rise sharply over the coming years and decades.… Read More

Reduce social security contributions for schools, care and police

Employing people is too expensive and polluting the environment too cheap. A green tax shift is needed and is most effective when applied at the production side of the economy.… Read More

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